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CRS Student Ambassador Program
Fall 2016 State of Your Chapter Report

Thank you for all you do on campus. Please fill in the information below for your campus so that we can put together a truly national picture of the inspiring work being done by our CRS Student Ambassadors across the country. Note that we only need ONE report per campus, so please confer among the student and staff leaders of your CRS Student Ambassador program to ensure that only one person fills out the report.

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CRS Student Ambassadors

Please tell us who your current CRS Student Ambassadors are. First, review the list of ambassadors that appear. Then, check off the box for students that are your current ambassadors and leave the box unchecked for students that are not your current ambassadors. If there are additional ambassadors on campus that are not already listed below, click on the ADD AMBASSADOR blue button to add their first name, last name and email address.

Faculty / Staff Advisor

Please tell us who your current Faculty / Staff Advisor(s) are. First, review the list of advisors that appear, and if your current advisor is not listed, click on the ADD ADVISOR blue button below to add their first name, last name, and email.


Please tell us about the events you held during the Fall 2016 semester. Click the blue ADD EVENT button to separately add each event hosted or co-hosted by CRS on your campus.

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Handwritten Advocacy Letters
We know that many of your events might have included the signing of advocacy letters to Congress or other government leaders. If your event included this component, how many total advocacy letters were handwritten or signed in hard copy? Please do NOT include online advocacy letters signed.
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Digital Communications on Campus

We would love to know more about your outreach to others on campus, especially when it goes beyond your core group of Ambassadors which you listed above. This helps give us a better sense of how many people across the country are really being reached by your work.

Email: If you communicate to a list of people on campus about your CRS programs and events, how many total unique people do you reach with these communications on a regular basis?
Social Media: Do you have any social media accounts that you use to promote your events and communicate with others on campus about your work as CRS Student Ambassadors? If so, please fill in the information below, and don’t forget to tag @CRSUniversity so we can share your posts more broadly across the country.
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Add a comment if you would like to share something additional about your ambassadors, advisors, or events that you've held.